I am a practicing artist, mythologist, and writer. My artistic practice consists primarily of photo/video and event-based work. The subjects of my writing and mythological speculation are diverse, but I am most fascinated by the phenomenon of aesthetic experience and how the medium really is the message (or massage). I am always striving to bridge the worlds of myth and art and to discover and describe how the mythic and aesthetic co-create one another. This was the focus of my doctoral dissertation, Ultraviolet Concrete: Dionysos and the Ecstatic Play of Aesthetic Experience, in which I took up archetypal psychologist James Hillman’s call for depth psychology to also be a depth aesthetics and explored how this may be mythically qualified by considering Dionysos as an archetypal figuration of aesthetic experience (aisthesis) in general.

I earned my PhD in Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and my BA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture from the Maryland Institute College of Art, where I focused on event-based work and modern through contemporary art and film history. My experience in art and music includes founding an independent record label and collaborative event project, Wildfire Wildfire Productions, and working as Assistant to the Director at the Dennis Hopper Art Trust. I am Curator at OPUS Archives and Research Center, home to the collections of James Hillman, Joseph Campbell, and Marion Woodman, among others. I’m also currently a Field Agent for Atlas Obscura and organizer of the Cinemyth Film Series at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles.